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For more than 27 years, Sushi Den has been regarded as one of the premiere sushi and Japanese restaurants in the United States. Continuing to live up to its reputation, the Den Corner restaurant group has built a 3,000 square-foot passive solar greenhouse on its 6.7 acre farm in Brighton to ensure locally grown food year-round.

In the winter months, it is common practice for restaurants to ship produce from out-of-state in order to reach customers in its prime. Due to packaging and time constraints, this process often compromises the quality and taste of the food.  In order to continue delivering fresh crops throughout the year, Den Corner has added an energy-efficient greenhouse, providing a solution for long-term sustainability to its Den Farm.

The first of its kind, the new greenhouse at Den Farm eliminates the need to outsource and offers “principles of building science including heavy perimeter, wall, and roof insulation, automated insulating shutters, high solar heat gain glazing, systems for controlling solar light and heat to maximize growth, plenty of thermal mass, and carefully-controlled ventilation.”

The greenhouse utilizes only passive solar energy to supply light and heat. During the test trial of this greenhouse project, ground temperatures never dropped below 51 degrees Fahrenheit even on the coldest days. As a result of these findings, Den Corner restaurants found they will be able to produce fresh spring and summer crops throughout the winter months.

Among the variety of spring, summer and fall crops being grown are native Japanese produce including: Ao-Shiso, Aka-Shiso, Thai Chili, Shishito Pepper, Komatsuna, Mitsuba, Mung Bean and Kabocha. In addition, micro-greens, herbs, citrus trees and orchids are also being grown. Planting was already done and the harvest has already begun for late spring.

Not only will Den Corner’s menu now feature the freshest fish available, but its solution to winter farming will provide a supply of fresh produce all year long, while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. For more information on the Den Farm Green House, please visit their Facebook page at

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